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Pope Francis challenged the People of God with two questions.  First he asked, “What have you done today to make the church holy and then what have you done today to make the church welcoming?”

Since the beginning, the Church has understood that the Gospel of Christ is not just about God, it is also about us.  It guides us to a life that is faith-filled, but also service-orientated.  We are a we” and those in need are part of that “we” whether we know them or not.

Christ gave us His Church, the poor, the hungry, the lonely and the naked as special gifts to be nurtured, loved and protected.  These “poor of God” are meant to inspire us to reach into our hearts and use our skills so that we may help them find God and recover their human dignity.

In service we make the Church holy by being holy ourselves.  One human heart reaching to another in Christ’s name is holiness of a great order.  In service, we make the church welcoming for how can we feed the poor without reaching out our hand? How can we say we come in the name of Jesus and not pay attention to them?  In service we can teach our young and show them what it means to be a Christian in deeds not just in words.

We invite you to answer our Holy Father’s Call to be holy and welcoming by giving of your talents and your precious time to be ambassadors of Christ.  We can all do something. What will you do?

Father Edmond Derosier

Catholic News

Will the number of dioceses in Italy be cut in the near future?

Rome, Italy (CAN/EWTN News) - A plan to reduce the number of Italian dioceses has been widely debated in the Italian bishops conference, and a first draft of the plan has reportedly already been given to the Congregation for Bishops and has undergone some adjustments. [Read More]

Pope to dads: Play with your kids, be strong, loving, moral role models

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- When their lives are all work and no play, men turn their children into "orphans" who lack a father to guide them, show them love and teach them values, Pope Francis said. [Read More]

On Fatherhood. Catechesis on the Family (III)

We continue the series of catecheses on the family. Today we will let ourselves be guided by the word father. A word that is more dear than any other to us Christians, because it is the name with which Jesus has taught us to call God: Father. In fact, the meaning of this word received a new depth beginning with the way that Jesus used it to address God and to manifest his special relationship with Him. The blessed mystery of the intimacy of God, Father, Son and Spirit, revealed by Jesus, is the heart of our Christian faith. [Read More]

Books explore what makes urban Catholic schools successful

"Putting Education to Work: How Cristo Rey High Schools Are Transforming Urban Education" by Megan Sweas. HarperOne (San Francisco, 2014). 272 pp., $24.99. [Read More]




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