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St. Mary's Parish

The Joint Parish Councils of St. Mary's and St. Anthony's Parish Councils

Have planned two activities to help us be in tune with the Pope's visit to Philadelpia,
September 22 -27, and the Synod in Rome, October 4 -25, whose themes are family.

  1. Family Picnic - Fun and games on Saturday September 19th from 1:00 to 5:00pm, concluding with Mass at 4:00pm. "Save the Date"
  2. Traveling Icon of the Holy Family.  Would you like to host the Icon for a ?  More information will be forthcoming.

A Message from our Pastor

Pope Francis challenged the People of God with two questions.  First he asked, “What have you done today to make the church holy and then what have you done today to make the church welcoming?”

Since the beginning, the Church has understood that the Gospel of Christ is not just about God, it is also about us.  It guides us to a life that is faith-filled, but also service-orientated.  We are a we” and those in need are part of that “we” whether we know them or not.

Christ gave us His Church, the poor, the hungry, the lonely and the naked as special gifts to be nurtured, loved and protected.  These “poor of God” are meant to inspire us to reach into our hearts and use our skills so that we may help them find God and recover their human dignity.

In service we make the Church holy by being holy ourselves.  One human heart reaching to another in Christ’s name is holiness of a great order.  In service, we make the church welcoming for how can we feed the poor without reaching out our hand? How can we say we come in the name of Jesus and not pay attention to them?  In service we can teach our young and show them what it means to be a Christian in deeds not just in words.

We invite you to answer our Holy Father’s Call to be holy and welcoming by giving of your talents and your precious time to be ambassadors of Christ.  We can all do something. What will you do?

Father Edmond Derosier

Catholic News

Former nuncio awaiting Vatican trial died of natural causes, autopsy says

Vatican City, Aug 29, 2015 Aid to the Church in Need.- Initial autopsy findings indicate that disgraced former apostolic nuncio Jozef Wesolowski died of natural causes from a “cardiac event,” the Vatican announced Saturday. [Read More]

Discovery of refugee bodies should awaken Europe, says Vienna cardinal

VIENNA (CNS) -- Austrian church leaders, reacting to the discovery of dozens of dead refugees on a truck near Vienna, said they hoped it would increase awareness of the plight of migrants. [Read More]

From Cardinal Seán's blog

Last week I had the joy of presiding at the Mass to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Cathedral of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven and St. Nicholas in Galway, Ireland. [Read More]

Boston joins nationwide Planned Parenthood protest

BOSTON -- "We have been silent too long," Father Michael McNamara told the more than 300 people praying and protesting outside the Planned Parenthood on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston. [Read More]




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